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Feminist Perspectives On Eating Disorders - History
... began to wear clothes that displayed their arms and legs, heightening the issues of body image ... The ideal figure changed, and women were expected to be more slender ... The average woman in the West however, has become far larger, even as the ideal has remained for a slender figure, with obesity being as much 60 percent in many studies ...

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    What happens in a strike happens not to one person alone.... It is a crisis with meaning and potency for all and prophetic of a future. The elements in crisis are the same, there is a fermentation that is identical. The elements are these: a body of men, women and children, hungry; an organization of feudal employers out to break the back of unionization; and the government Labor Board sent to “negotiate” between this hunger and this greed.
    Meridel Le Sueur (b. 1900)

    The ideal of the self-sufficient American family is a myth, dangerous because most families, especially affluent families, do in fact make use of a range of services to survive. Families needing one or another kind of help are not morally deficient; most families do need assistance at one time or another.
    Joseph Featherstone (20th century)