HSE may mean:

  • Health Survey for England
  • Higher Speed Ethernet - technology term
  • Health and Safety Executive, United Kingdom
  • Health Service Executive, Ireland
  • Health, Safety and Environment - business term
  • Helsinki School of Economics, Finland - business university
  • Helsinki Stock Exchange, Finland - financial exchange
  • National Research University - Higher School of Economics based in Moscow, Russia
  • Hamilton Southeastern Schools - a public school district in Fishers, Indiana
    • Hamilton Southeastern High School - one of the school district's two high schools
  • Hybrid search engine - computer science
  • Hydrostatic equilibrium - Physics term
  • A trim level for the Land Rover brand vehicles
  • Holding Slovenske elektrarne, a power generation company in Slovenia
  • Herpes simplex encephalitis, medical term
  • Harmony School of Excellence, a charter school found in Houston, Texas that is part of the Cosmos Foundation

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Haitian Stock Exchange
... Plans to establish a Haitian Stock Exchange (HSE) were implemented in 2007 ... Haitienne de Valeurs Mobilieres and to float it on the HSE ... In response, the HSE, according to its website, will endeavour to develop a securities market in Haiti to organise primary and secondary markets for fixed income and common stocks to train ...
National Research University Higher School Of Economics - Faculties and Structure
... There are 24 faculties and schools in the HSE ... Faculty of Economics School of Statistics and Data Analysis HSE/NES Bachelor of Arts Programme Faculty of World Economics and International Affairs Faculty of Sociology Faculty of Business ... Its graduates receive a double degree from both HSE and LSE ...
Hybrid Functional - Method - HSE
... The HSE (Heyd-Scuseria-Ernzerhof) exchange-correlation functional uses an error function screened Coulomb potential to calculate the exchange portion of the energy ... The HSE exchange-correlation functional degenerates to the PBE0 hybrid functional for ...
Health And Safety Commission - Merger With The HSE
... responsibilities to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) ... Work and Pensions started consultation on merger of the HSC and HSE to a largely positive response ...