Hou Junji

Hou Junji (侯君集) (died April 29, 643) was a major general and chancellor of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, particularly known for his campaigns against Gaochang and Tuyuhun. In 643, he was implicated in a plot by Emperor Taizong's crown prince Li Chengqian to overthrow Emperor Taizong, and he was executed.

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Hou Junji - Death
... Hou Junji was resentful that, despite his great achievement, he was put under arrest, albeit briefly ... to serve as the commandant at Luo Prefecture (洛州, roughly modern Luoyang, Henan), Hou tried to provoke Zhang by asking him, "Who squeezed you out?" Zhang, in jest, responded, "Other than you ... the 24 great contributors to Tang rule, Hou's was one of portraits commissioned ...