Hippocampal Formation

The hippocampal formation is a compound structure in the medial temporal lobe of the brain. There is currently no consensus concerning which brain regions are encompassed by the term, with some authors defining it as the dentate gyrus, the hippocampus proper and the subiculum; and others including also the presubiculum, parasubiculum, and entorhinal cortex. The hippocampal formation is thought to play a role in memory, spatial navigation and control of attention. The neural layout and pathways within the hippocampal formation are very similar in all mammals.

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Papez Circuit - Anatomy
... It begins and ends with the hippocampus (or the hippocampal formation) ... The Papez circuit goes through the following neural pathway hippocampal formation (subiculum) → fornix → mammillary bodies → mammillothalamic tract → anterior thalamic nucleus → cingulum → entorhinal ...
Hippocampal Formation - Function
... bulb varies with the size of the parahippocampal gyrus, the hippocampal formation was thought to be part of the olfactory system ... In 1937 Papez theorized that a circuit including the hippocampal formation constitutes the neural substrate of emotional behavior, and Klüver and Bucy reported that, in monkeys ... As a consequence of these publications, the idea that the hippocampal formation is entirely dedicated to olfaction began to recede ...
Hippocampus - Hippocampal Formation
... Various sections of the hippocampal formation are shown to be functionally and anatomically distinct ... The dorsal (DH), ventral (VH), and intermediate regions of the hippocampal formation serve different functions, project with differing pathways, and have ... The dorsal region of the hippocampal formation serves for spatial memory, verbal memory, and learning of conceptual information ...
Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 - Expression - Brain - Hippocampal Formation
... strength/frequency, and thus potential to induce LTP, is lowered, net hippocampal activity is raised ... through their neonatal promotion of myelin formation, and thus the individual segregation of axons ...

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