Highest Alemannic

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Swiss German - Variation and Distribution
... within Swiss German are those of Low, High and Highest Alemannic ... Low Alemannic is only spoken in the northernmost parts of Switzerland, in Basel and around Lake Constance ... High Alemannic is spoken in most of the Swiss plateau, and is divided in an eastern and a western group ...
Highest Alemannic German
... Highest Alemannic (Hegschtalemannisch) is a branch of Alemannic German and is often considered to be part of the German language, even though mutual intelligibility with Standard German and ... Highest Alemannic dialects are spoken in alpine regions of Switzerland In the Bernese Oberland, in the German-speaking parts of the Canton of Fribourg, in the Valais (see Walliser ... by Romance languages in the North, by High Alemannic dialects ...

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