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Busan Station - Staton Layout - KORAIL - Platforms
... For Dongdaegu·Yeongju·Daejeon·Seoul 5·6 Gyeongbu Line·Gyeongbu High Speed Railway KTX For Gupo·Miryang·Dongdaegu·Daejeon·Seoul·Haengsin 8·9 ...
Honam High Speed Railway
... The Honam High Speed Railway (Honam HSR) is a high-speed railway under-construction between Osong (on the existing Gyeongbu High Speed Railway) and Mokpo in ... accelerating Seoul-Mokpo and Seoul-Gwangju KTX high-speed services which presently use the existing conventional Honam Line ...
High-speed Rail In Asia - East Asia - China
... Transrapid maglev project, imported from Germany, is capable of an operational speed of 430 km/h and of a top speed of 501 km/h ... In April 2007, China opened several high speed rail lines between major cities, providing a network of 6,003 km, making it the world's largest high speed rail network ... Of that amount 13,000 km will be high speed rail, some line capable of going over 350 km/h, making CRH the largest, fastest, most technologically ...
List Of Long Tunnels By Type - Rail (excluding Rapid Transit) - Under Construction
... Italy 55 km (34.2 mi) 2025 Brenner railway Mont d'Ambin base tunnel Cottian Alps, France – Italy 52 km (32.3 mi) 2020–2023 Lyon Turin Ferroviaire Koralm Tunnel Koralpe ...
List Of Long Tunnels By Type - Rail (excluding Rapid Transit)
... Tunnel Shanxi, China 27.9 km (17.3 mi) 2007 Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan High-Speed Railway Hakkōda Tunnel Hakkōda Mountains, Japan 26.5 km (16.5 mi) 2010 Tōhoku Shinkansen Iwate-Ichinohe ...

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    Her personality had an architectonic quality; I think of her when I see some of the great London railway termini, especially St. Pancras, with its soot and turrets, and she overshadowed her own daughters, whom she did not understand—my mother, who liked things to be nice; my dotty aunt. But my mother had not the strength to put even some physical distance between them, let alone keep the old monster at emotional arm’s length.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)

    Speed is good only when wisdom leads the way. The end of this journey, whether to the high horizons of hope or the depths of destruction, will be determined by the collective wisdom of the people who live on this shrinking planet.
    James Poe (1921–1980)

    If it be aught toward the general good,
    Set honor in one eye, and death i’th’ other,
    And I will look on both indifferently;
    For let the gods so speed me as I love
    The name of honor more than I fear death.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)