Hernán is a masculine given name, deriving from Hernan.

The name originated in Visigoth culture in Spain.

  • Hernán Alvarado Solano (1946–2011), Colombian Roman Catholic bishop
  • Hernán Andrade (born 1960), Mexican racewalker
  • Hernán Barcos (born 1984), Argentinian football player
  • Hernán Barreneche (born 1939), retired long-distance runner
  • Hernán Bernardello (born 1986), Argentine football midfielder
  • Hernán Boyero (born 1979), Argentine football striker
  • Hernán Büchi (born 1949), Chilean economist and politician
  • Hernán Buenahora (born 1967), Colombian road racing cyclist
  • Hernán Caputto (born 1974), Argentine footballer
  • Hernán Carrasco Vivanco (21st century), former Chilean football (soccer) manager
  • Hernán Cattáneo (21st century), Argentinian house DJ
  • Hernán Cortés (1485–1547), Spanish conquistador
  • Hernán Crespo (born 1975), Argentine international footballer
  • Hernán Cristante (born 1969), Argentine goalkeeper
  • Hernán Darío Gómez (born 1956), Colombian ex-football player and manager
  • Hernán Díaz (born 1965), former Argentine football right back
  • Hernán Elizondo Arce (born 1920), Costa Rican novelist and poet
  • Hernán Figueroa (born 1927), Chilean decathlete
  • Hernán Fredes (born 1987), Argentine football midfielder
  • Hernán Gamboa (born 1946), Venezuelan musician
  • Hernán Gaviria (1969–2002), Colombian football midfielder
  • Adrián Hernán González (born 1976), Argentine football midfielder
  • Hernán Gumy (born 1972), former tennis player
  • Hernán Iribarren (born 1984), Major League Baseball utility player
  • Hernán Larraín (born 1947), conservative Chilean lawyer, university lecturer, and politician
  • Hernán Losada (born 1982), Argentine football midfielder
  • Hernán Maisterra (born 1972), retired Argentine footballer
  • Hernán Mattiuzzo (born 1984), Argentine football midfielder
  • Hernán Medford (born 1968), Costa Rican soccer player and coach
  • Hernán Medina Calderón (born 1937), Colombian road racing cyclist
  • Elfego Hernán Monzón Aguirre (1912–1981), President of Guatemala
  • Hernán Darío Muñoz (born 1973), Colombian road racing cyclist
  • Hernán Neira (born 1960), Chilean writer
  • Hernán Nuñez (1475–1553), Spanish humanist, classicist, philologist, and paremiographer
  • Facundo Hernán Quiroga (born 1978), Argentine football defender
  • Hernán Orjuela (born 1958), Colombian host
  • Hernán Padilla (born 1938), retired physician
  • Hernán Paolo Dellafiore (born 1985), Argentine-Italian football central defender
  • Hernán Patiño (1966–1995), Colombian road cyclist
  • Hernán Peirone (born 1986), Argentine football striker
  • Hernán Pellerano (born 1984), Argentine football defender
  • Hernán Pérez de Ovando (13th century), Spanish nobleman
  • Hernán Rengifo (born 1983), Peruvian football player
  • Hernán Rivera Letelier (born 1950), Chilean novelist
  • Hernán Rodrigo López (born 1978), Uruguayan football player
  • Hernán Sandoval (born 1983), Guatemalan football striker
  • Hernán Senillosa (born 1977), Argentine rugby union player
  • Hernán Siles Zuazo (1914–1996), politician from Bolivia
  • Hernán Silva (born 1948), retired Chilean football referee
  • Hernán Toro (born circa 1950), Venezuelan cinematographer
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