Harmonica Techniques

Harmonica Techniques

There are numerous techniques available for harmonica. A few are described here. For details of how to do such techniques, visit the Harmonica wikibook.

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Harmonica Techniques
... 'Vibrato' is a technique commonly used while playing the harmonica and many other instruments,to give the note a 'shaking' sound ... This technique can be accomplished in a number of ways ... The most common way is to change how the harmonica is held ...
Harmonica Techniques - Breaking in A Harmonica
... Harmonica players disagree on the need to break in the reeds of a new harmonica, and on break in technique ... Even among those that favor a break in period, numerous techniques appear some may prefer to play a new harmonica for several hours without bending notes others prefer to play for many short periods ... nowadays by either players or manufacturers, some past players have felt soaking their harmonicas in warm water, and even beer, whiskey, or vodka helped break them in, believing that ...

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