Hannibal Mago

Hannibal Mago

Hannibal (nickname Mago) was a grandson of Hamilcar Mago. He predates the more famous Carthaginian general Hannibal by about 200 years.

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Ancient Carthage - The Sicilian Wars - Second Sicilian War
... colonies seceded, cutting off Carthage's major supply of silver and copper, while Hannibal Mago, the grandson of Hamilcar, began preparations to reclaim Sicily ... In 409 BC, Hannibal Mago set out for Sicily with his force ... Syracuse, remained untouched and, in 405 BC, Hannibal Mago led a second Carthaginian expedition to claim the entire island ...
Hannibal Mago - Death
... In 406 BC Hannibal Mago died in a plague that broke out during the siege of Agrigento ... be confused with the much more famous Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca who led the Carthaginian forces during the Second Punic War about two centuries later ...

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