Greenlandic or Greenlandish may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to Greenland, the self-governing Danish province (and largest island in the world) located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
  • Historically, anything relating to the medieval Norse communities in southwestern Greenland (see History of Greenland)
  • A person from Greenland, or of Greenlandic descent. For information about the Greenlandic people, see Demographics of Greenland and Culture of Greenland. For specific persons, see List of Greenlanders.
  • One of the following languages:
    • Kalaallisut, the modern Greenlandic language, an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken by the Kalaallit of Greenland. See also Languages of Greenland.
    • The extinct Greenlandic Norse language
    • Occasionally, the Danish language as spoken in Greenland

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Communications In Greenland - Television Broadcast Station
... The state broadcaster is Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa (Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation) or KNR, which provides one television and one radio service nationwide ... Both broadcast in Greenlandic and Danish ... Administered by the Greenlandic government, KNR has a seven-person board and management committee ...
Atlamál - Date and Provenance
... Both Atlamál and Atlakviða are referred to as Greenlandic poems in the Codex Regius ... believe Atlakviða to be older than the Norse colony in Greenland and reject a Greenlandic origin for that poem ... only 10 retainers—have also been taken as strengthening the case for an origin in Greenlandic culture ...
Greenlandic Cuisine - Plants - Seasoning and Herbs
... is part of the locavore movement, which avoids Scandinavian influences in favor of local Greenlandic culinary traditions ... Angelica is a seasoning staple in Greenlandic cuisine ... Spices are used sparingly in Greenlandic dishes ...
... Siissisoq is a Greenlandic ] band, formed in 1998 in Uummannaq ... in 1998, and it stayed number one on Greenlandic charts for two months ... Siissisoq means Rhino in Greenlandic ...