Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow may refer to:

  • The Golden Arrow, a book by Mary Webb
  • The Gloster VI, a Schneider Cup racing aircraft, known as Golden Arrow
  • The Golden Arrows, a football (soccer) club from Durban, South Africa
  • Abaris Golden Arrow, a home-built aircraft design by Abaris Aircraft
  • Golden Arrow (Scouting), an item presented by Robert Baden-Powell during the 3rd World Scout Jamboree.
  • Golden Arrow (car), a land speed record racer driven by Henry Segrave
  • Golden Arrow (comics), a Fawcett Comics character
  • Golden Arrow (song), an Indian intermezzo composed by Egbert Van Alstyne in 1909
  • Golden Arrow Bus Services, a commuter bus operator in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Golden Arrow (train), a luxury train in England which connected London and Dover
  • Golden Arrow (PRR train), a passenger train operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad
  • The Golden Arrow Holy Face Devotion (Prayer), a prayer in the Catholic Church revealed to a young Carmelite nun in 1844
  • Golden Arrow (film), a 1949 British film

Other articles related to "golden arrow, arrow":

Venice-Simplon Orient Express - The British Pullman
... royalty and visiting heads of state made last journey of Golden Arrow 1972 ... in 1928 and returned to Britain for Golden Arrow service ... Golden Arrow, Yorkshire and South Wales Pullman 1954–60 ...
Campbell-Napier-Railton Blue Bird
... After Segrave's Golden Arrow, clearly a more powerful engine was required for Blue Bird, with a chassis and transmission to handle it ... was used, with over three times the power of the previous Blue Bird and a large premium over Golden Arrow's unsupercharged 900 hp (670 kW) Lion VIIA ... Golden Arrow's innovative vertical aerodynamic stabilising fin was also used, a first for Campbell ...
Acts Of Reparation To Jesus Christ - The Golden Arrow
... The Golden Arrow Prayer is part of the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus and appears in the book The Golden Arrow, the autobiography of Sr ... of Jesus she was told that an act of sacrilege or blasphemy is like a "poisoned arrow", hence the name "Golden Arrow" for this reparatory prayer ...
Golden Arrow (song)
... "Golden Arrow " is popular song published both as an intermezzo two-step and a ballad in 1909 ... story between the unnamed son of a Chief Arrow-Bow and a maiden named Golden Arrow, both of the Sioux nation in Idaho ...

Famous quotes containing the words arrow and/or golden:

    It is easy to dodge a spear in the daylight, but it is difficult to avoid an arrow in the dark.
    Chinese proverb.

    As every season seems best to us in its turn, so the coming in of spring is like the creation of Cosmos out of Chaos and the realization of the Golden Age.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)