Garmin G1000 - Training and Training Resources

Training and Training Resources

Flying any glass cockpit aircraft requires transition training to familiarize the pilot with the aircraft's systems. Transition training is most effective when a pilot prepares ahead of time. Most general aviation manufacturers using the G1000 system have FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS) training programs for pilots transitioning into their airplanes. FAA FITS compliant training is recommended for any pilot transitioning to the G1000 or any other glass cockpit prior to the aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) or if operating a glass cockpit aircraft for the first time. Glass cockpit aircraft may not be suitable for primary training.

One of the most effective resources for preparing for G1000 transition training include the Garmin simulator software. In addition, some flight schools now have G1000 flight training devices (FTDs) that provide realistic simulation.

All of the most current Garmin G1000 Pilot's Guides are available in PDF format for free downloading from Garmin.

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