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FX Fighter
... FX Fighter is a video game developed by Argonaut Games and released by GTE Entertainment in 1995 ... It was an early realtime 3D fighting game to be developed for the PC ... The game was also being developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but eventually only the PC CD-ROM version for MS-DOS was released ...
Spider-Man Video Games - 2000s - Spider-Man (film) Spider-Man 2 and "Spider-man 3" Games
... As the live-action Spider-Man movie was released in 2002, a game developed by Treyarch titled, Spider-Man The Movie was developed for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox ... The game play was similar to that of Neversoft's previous Spider-Man game, except it featured for the first time aerial combat, and to an extent allowed the user to 'web sling' over ... The game sported the voice of the actors from the film, including Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, cult icon Bruce Campbell, and including Josh Keaton as Harry Osborn and in a bonus story-mode where he wears Norman's Green ...
Sirius In Fiction - Games
... Traveller (1977), role-playing game designed by Marc Miller and published by GDW ... In this wide-ranging game the players' skills, tasks, gear, ships, and worlds are all built from tables using dice as a randomizing element ... Frontier Elite II (1993) and Frontier First Encounters (1995), computer games written by David Braben et al ...
Diarmuid Murphy - Playing Career - Inter-county
... Surprisingly, that game ended in a 1-10 apiece draw ... the Connacht men some hope, however, the game was effectively over after twenty-five minutes when Colm Cooper scored Kerry’s only goal of the day ... A close game developed, however, in the end Kerry were the narrow winners by 1-11 to 0-11 ...
Stars In Fiction - List of Planetary Systems in Fiction - Procyon (Alpha Canis Minoris)
... Tékumel (~1940–), novels and games by M ... Star Control II (1992), computer game developed by Toys for Bob and published by Accolade ... form a hybrid race that helps the protagonist reach the objective of the game ...

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    I recently learned something quite interesting about video games. Many young people have developed incredible hand, eye, and brain coordination in playing these games. The air force believes these kids will be our outstanding pilots should they fly our jets.
    Ronald Reagan (b. 1911)

    It is usual for a Man who loves Country Sports to preserve the Game in his own Grounds, and divert himself upon those that belong to his Neighbour.
    Joseph Addison (1672–1719)