Gain Margin

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Gain Margin and Phase Margin - Examples Using Bode Plots
... Figures 6 and 7 illustrate the gain behavior and terminology ... For a three-pole amplifier, Figure 6 compares the Bode plot for the gain without feedback (the open-loop gain) AOL with the gain with feedback AFB (the closed-loop gain) ... Because the open-loop gain AOL is plotted and not the product β AOL, the condition AOL = 1 / β decides f0dB ...
Bode Plot - Gain Margin and Phase Margin
... See also Phase margin Bode plots are used to assess the stability of negative feedback amplifiers by finding the gain and phase margins of an amplifier ... The notion of gain and phase margin is based upon the gain expression for a negative feedback amplifier given by where AFB is the gain of the amplifier with feedback (the ... The gain AOL is a complex function of frequency, with both magnitude and phase ...

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