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Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant - Reactor Units - Units B and C
... Each reactor is loaded with around 136 tonnes of fuel the reaction elements last approximately five years ... In this type of reactor, the water flows around the fuel elements, boils, and the steam directly drives the turbines ... Each unit is loaded with 784 fuel elements ...
Chapelcross Nuclear Power Station - Operating Experience and Incidents - Dropped Basket of Irradiated Fuel Elements (July 2001)
... twenty-four low rated irradiated Magnox fuel elements fell a few feet within the discharge machine onto the door at the top of the fuel discharge well ... TV camera inspections revealed that twelve of the elements had fallen just over 80ft (24.4m) down the discharge well into a water filled transport ... The NII initiated an investigation because dropping irradiated fuel elements is a serious issue even when, as in this event, BNFL had advised NII that there had been no release of radiological activity ...
Burnup - History
... With newer fuel technology, and particularly the use of nuclear poisons, these same reactors are now capable of achieving up to 60 GWd/tU ... designs are expected to achieve over 90 GWd/t of higher-enriched fuel ... reactor at Argonne National Laboratory took metallic fuel up to 19.9% burnup, or just under 200 GWd/t ...
Piqua Nuclear Generating Station - Plant Operating Events
... July 1963 Fuel loading completed ... to renew fifteen in-vessel filters and remove the fuel element in Core position F-13 for examination ... filters, maintenance, and for relocation of the instrumented fuel element from position E-12 to position D-5 April 2, 1965 Several malfunctioning control rod drive ...

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