Free Space

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Time In Physics - Conceptions of Time - Electromagnetism and The Speed of Light
... In free space (that is, space not containing electric charges), the equations take the form (using SI units) Prerequisites vector notation partial ... The Lorentz transformation predicted space contraction and time dilation until 1905, the former was interpreted as a physical contraction of objects moving with respect ...
Probabilistic Roadmap
... behind PRM is to take random samples from the configuration space of the robot, testing them for whether they are in the free space, and use a local planner to attempt to connect these configurations to ... Given certain relatively weak conditions on the shape of the free space, PRM is provably probabilistically complete, meaning that as the number of sampled points increases without bound, the ... The rate of convergence depends on certain visibility properties of the free space, where visibility is determined by the local planner ...
Laplace's Equation - Laplace Equation in Three Dimensions - Electrostatics
... In free space the Laplace equation of any electrostatic potential must equal zero since (charge density) is zero in free space ... charge density and electric potential In the particular case of the empty space Poisson's equation reduces to Laplace's equation for the electric potential ... in free space) and the potential has the correct values at the boundaries, the potential is then uniquely defined ...
Motion Planning - Concepts - Free Space
... The set of configurations that avoids collision with obstacles is called the free space Cfree ...
... related to numerical order enables one to know the principles of role of number, space order nature of inner space and significantly know the potency of micro-structure ... The free space is the unified field of energy and matter and source of all forms that we see in material world ... The free space is packed with cubical atoms of energy ...

Famous quotes containing the words space and/or free:

    Shall we now
    Contaminate our fingers with base bribes,
    And sell the mighty space of our large honors
    For so much trash as may be grasped thus?
    I had rather be a dog and bay the moon
    Than such a Roman.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    A gentleman doesn’t pounce ... he glides. If a woman sits on a piece of furniture which permits your sitting beside her, you are free to regard this as an invitation, though not an unequivocal one.
    Quentin Crisp (b. 1908)