Frederick H. Shaw

Frederick H. Shaw

Frederick Howard Shaw (a.k.a. Federico H. Shaw by the Spaniards) He was born in the Naval Station of Ferrol in North-western Spain on 20 October 1864 and died in the Spanish Capital on 11 August 1924) after a long and prolific political career. Despite the fact that he was a British Subject since Birth most of his life and political career will take place in Spain. His most remarkable political achievements took place during the reign of king Alfonso XIII and the Antonio Maura’s government where he was given a prominent role in the creation of the Spanish Institute of Provission (also known as Instituto Español de Previsión, i.e.: Spanish Social Security) in fact his role was to develop from scratch the entire administrative procedure to be followed by the then newly created institution. He was also the first Administrator of the “Caja General de Pensiones” (i.e.: Spanish Ministry of Pensions).

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