Fort Lee

Fort Lee may refer to:

  • Fort Lee, New Jersey, a Borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
    • Koreatown, Fort Lee, an ethnic Korean enclave in the above borough
    • Battle of Fort Lee, fought on November 19, 1776 between American and British forces
  • Fort Lee (Salem, Massachusetts), a historic site that was an American Revolution fort
  • Fort Lee (Virginia), a census-designated place and a United States Army post in Prince George County, Virginia, United States
  • SS Fort Lee, a World War II tanker ship

Other articles related to "fort lee, fort":

SS Fort Lee - Operational History
... Fort Lee (MC Hull #327) was laid down on 24 October 1942 at Sun Shipbuilding in Chester, Pennsylvania launched on 25 February 1943 and delivered on 15 March 1943 ... After launching, Fort Lee initially operated in the Mediterranean and Atlantic ... In July, Fort Lee left Gibraltar and steamed for Avonmouth, which it reached later in the month ...
SS Fort Lee
... SS Fort Lee was a T2 tanker built for the United States Maritime Commission during World War II ... Fort Lee was torpedoed and sunk by the German Kriegsmarine submarine U-181 in the Indian Ocean on 2 November 1944 ... Nine men aboard Fort Lee were killed during the attack ...
New Jersey In The American Revolution - Battles - 1776-1777 - Battle of Fort Lee
... On November 16, 1776, Fort Washington, at the northern tip of Manhattan Island, fell to the British ... On November 19, 1776, British soldiers under Charles Cornwallis captured Fort Lee after a hasty retreat by the American soldiers stationed there under the command of ... had dashed off to warn the Americans about the advancing British, and the fort was evacuated ...
SS Fort Lee - Operational History - Fate of Lifeboat #4
... Australian researcher Tom Hall discovered a reference to Fort Lee while researching Japanese war crimes committed against Allied prisoners of war (POWs ... January 1945 — two-and-a-half months after Fort Lee went down — lifeboat #4, with only three men remaining, came ashore on the south side of Japanese-held Sumba, 2,850 miles (4,600 km) from where Fort Lee sank ... of the Naval Armed Guard contingent aboard Fort Lee, was taken to Membora, on the north side of Sumba, where he died that same day ...

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