Food Drives

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Avicenna - The Canon of Medicine - Physical Exercise: The Key To Health
... Thus this part deals with the temperaments, the humors, the drives, and with the forms, the symptoms, and the causes of disease ... in the regulation of (1) exercise (2) food and (3) sleep, we may begin our discourse with the subject of exercise" ... and renders them fit for their functions (2) it results in a better absorption of food, aids assimilation, and, by increasing the innate heat, improves ...
Conscious Alliance - History - 2002-2004
... organization committed to distributing much-needed food to communities across the United States, and providing long-term solutions to hunger by focusing on empowerment programs for youth in ... The organizations operates through ongoing, grassroots food collection and hunger awareness programs, primarily by organizing food drives at concerts and music events ... The donations we collect benefit local food pantries nationwide and economically isolated Native American Reservations ...

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    That night ended the day when history was written in Abilene. August 14, 1865 was the date. That was the end of the first drive on the Chisolm Trail. It was just the first of thousands of such drives bringing beef to the world.
    Borden Chase [Frank Fowler] (1900–1971)

    I really don’t think this war will end soon. We are completely aware of the difficulties, no food or fuel, the danger, but we want to be stronger than all that. With each child, we are fighting back with our love of life.
    Tina Bajraktarebic (b. 1965)