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Vehicle Registration Plates Of Connecticut - Passenger Plates 1956 To Present
... beads) on blue with border line CONNECTICUT embossed in rectangular font starting at lower left registration number in same font at bottom left none 123·456 AB·1234 100·000 to 999·999 AA·1000 to NZ·9999 1957 ...
List Of Typographic Features - OpenType Typographic Features
... of typographic features that a particular font may support some software, such as Adobe InDesign or recent versions of TeX, gives users control of these, for example to enable fancy stylistic capital ... Positions shorter characters to be centered vertically with full-height characters Alternative Vertical Half Metrics vhal P1 vert ... Positions characters to be centered vertically with half-height characters Below-base Forms blwf S4 Indic Below-base Mark Positioning blwm P4,5 Indic Below-base Substitutions blws S4 Indic Capital Spacing cpsp P1 ...

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    The difference between style and taste is never easy to define, but style tends to be centered on the social, and taste upon the individual. Style then works along axes of similarity to identify group membership, to relate to the social order; taste works within style to differentiate and construct the individual. Style speaks about social factors such as class, age, and other more flexible, less definable social formations; taste talks of the individual inflection of the social.
    John Fiske (b. 1939)

    Le corps, l’amour, la mort, ces trois ne font qu’un.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)