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Flashgun - Types of Flash - Focal-plane-shutter Synchronization
... Electronic flash units have compatibility issues with focal-plane shutters ... Electronic flash can have durations as short as 50 µs, so at such short exposure times only part of the sensor is exposed ... This limits the shutter speed to about 1/200s when using flash ...
... A flash is a device used in photography producing a flash of artificial light (typically 1/1000 to 1/200 of a second) at a color temperature of about 5500 K to help ... A major purpose of a flash is to illuminate a dark scene ... Flash refers either to the flash of light itself or to the electronic flash unit discharging the light ...
Flashgun - Types of Flash - Flash Intensity
... flashbulbs, the intensity of an electronic flash can be adjusted on some units ... Small flash units typically vary the length of time of the discharge, larger (studio) units typically charge the capacitor less ... technology, there are some monolight (studio) units which can vary the time of the discharge ...
Flash Synchronization - M, F, FP, X and HSS Sync
... is the simplest to explain and implement the flash is fired at the instant the shutter is fully open ... Electronic flash equipment produces a very short flash Cameras designed for use with flash bulbs generally had one or more of M (medium) sync, F (fast ... Most standard flash bulbs used M sync ...
Metz (company) - History
... division is established manufacture of flash units commissioned by Agfa and Carl-Braun begins ... Amateur flash photography is revolutionised ... Manufacture of Metz “mecablitz” flash units begins ...

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