Fission Products

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Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor - Removal of Fission Products
... Molten salt reactors can benefit greatly from a mechanism to remove the fission products from the fuel salt ... Some fission products in the salt absorb neutrons and reduce the production of new fissile fuel ... Removal of fission products is similar to reprocessing of solid fuel elements, without the need to remove and rebuild the fuel cladding ...
Commonly Used Gamma Emitting Isotopes - Fission Products
... Many artificial radionuclides of technological importance are produced as fission products within nuclear reactors ... A fission product is a nucleus with approximately half the mass of a uranium or plutonium nucleus which is left over after such a nucleus has been "split" in a nuclear fission ... important gamma-emitting radionuclide produced as a fission product ...
Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor - Reactor Primary System Design Variations - Two Fluid Reactor
... by simple fluorination, and placed in the core to fission ... The still bottoms left after the distillation are the fission products waste of a LFTR ... Thorium is chemically similar to several fission products, called lanthanides ...
Spent Nuclear Fuel - Nature of Spent Fuel - Nanomaterial Properties
... intense temperature gradients exist which cause fission products to migrate ... where the temperature is highest, while the lower-boiling fission products move to the edge of the pellet ... The pellet is likely to contain lots of small bubble-like pores which form during use the fission xenon migrates to these voids ...
PUREX - Chemical Process - Degradation Products of TBP
... extract both the uranium and plutonium from the majority of the fission products, but it is not possible to get an acceptable separation of the fission products from the ... This degradation product is able to act as an extraction agent for many metals, hence leading to the contamination of the product by fission products ... the mixture, allowing the later extraction cycles to be kept cleaner in terms of degradation products ...

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