Fire Control System

  • (noun): Naval weaponry consisting of a system for controlling the delivery of fire on a military target.

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Mk 92 Guided Missile Fire Control System
... The Mk 92 Fire Control System is a US-built medium-range anti-aircraft missile and gun fire control system ... The system is a licensed USN version of the Thales Nederland WM-25 fire control system ... The Mark 92 fire control system was approved for service use in 1975 ...
List Of Equipment Of The Republic Of Korea Army - Tanks
... The fire control system has also been replaced with a native South Korean version ... side skirts were provided, and the fire control system was upgraded to the Laser Tank Fire Control System (LTFCS) ...
Ship Gun Fire-control System - History - Radar and World War II
... as technology advanced and by World War II they were a critical part of an integrated fire control system ... The incorporation of radar into the fire control system early in World War II provided ships with the ability to conduct effective gunfire operations at long range in poor weather ... In a typical World War II British ship the fire control system connected the individual gun turrets to the director tower (where the sighting instruments were) and the ...
T-72 Operators And Variants - Variants - Soviet Union and Russian Federation
... known by its US codename - "Dolly Parton", provisions for mounting reactive armor, an electronic fire control system, MB smoke grenade launchers, flipper armour mount on ... export version, similar to T-72A but with thinner armour and downgraded weapon systems ... radio equipment including the R-130M radio, AB-1-P/30-M1-U generator and a TNA-3 navigation system ...
Arjun (tank) - Trials and Exercise
... of ammunition bin Emergency traverse Fire control system unable to function in temperatures above 42 degrees Celsius (108 degrees Fahrenheit) ... that the Arjun suffered major problems with its main gun sight, suspension system, and fire control system ... the accuracy and consistency of the weapon system was proved beyond doubt." However, the 2006 army trial results showed that "the decade-old problems of overheating persist" and that "tank’s main subsystems, the ...

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