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Deputy Collector Hiqmat Ullah Khan : He was deputed in this district during 1857 revolution. He was very much impressed with the feelings of freedom fighters. Ultimately, he offered his services to the motherland and was included in the army of Nana Saheb Peshawa . In the same year, during a clash he was captured by the British army and was hanged on an Imali tree.

Rashtrakavi Sohan Lal Dwivedi: The great poet, who was awarded the title of "Rashtrakavi". He was born in 1905 in Bindki sub-division of this district.

Shri Dariyaw Singh : He was one of those martyrs of this district, who sacrificed their everything in the war of freedom. He along with his son Sujan Singh and others, captured the Khaga sub-division of the district on June 8, 1857. Till July 11, the district was under control of revolutionists. On March 6, 1858, both of them along with others were sentenced to death by the British govt.

Shri Ganesh Shankar Vidarthi: Renowned personality, freedom fighter influenced by Gandhi ideology, was born in the Hathgam place of this district. This place is a block headquarter.

* Dr Tej Mansingh - A senior general practitioner in Fatehpur who has been one of the founder members of IMA - Fatehpur chapter and a founder member of the Lions Club International Fatehpur Chapter. A former ex-Army Captain for the Army Medical Corps, he has dedicated his entire life in uplifting the economically backward and underprivileged residents of the District. He has been a family physician for many in the District since 1975. A pioneer in getting most of the national social movements to Fatehpur from Kayatha Mahasabha to being an active board-member of the Government Girls Inter-College.

Thakur Jodha Singh Ataiya: The resident of village Rasoolpur of this district, this freedom fighter played important role in 1857 revolution . On 28 April 1858, he was hanged on the "Imali" tree near town Khajuha, with 51 other revolutionists. The tree still exists and this place is known as "Bawani Imali".

Deep Narayan Singh: He was a great freedom fighter,an ex M.L.A and an advocate of Supreme Court of India. He involved in the freedom struggle in his very early stage of his life and went to jail many times. He was also a brilliant scholar and was awarded Sahityaratna. His Statue has been installed at Dhata town.

Baba gayadin dubey: He was an eminent freedom fighter from village "Korai" in first revolt for independence of India in 1857 .English army was highly terrified of him.

Asghar Wajahat: He is an eminent scholar, writer and academic. Professor Asghar Wajahat is currently teaching at Jamia Millia Islamia, a Central University in Delhi.

Mr. Surjeet Kumar Soni :

Raja Bhagwant Rai Khitchi: The Khitchi Rajas ruled a large part of this district for a long time.His capital was at Asother which is situated near Yamuna bank 25 km away from Fatehpur.

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