• (adj): Able to exist under more than one set of conditions.
    Example: "A facultative parasite can exist as a parasite or a saprophyte"
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Some articles on facultative:

Facultative Biped
... A facultative biped is an animal that is capable of walking or running on two legs, often for only a limited period, in spite of normally walking or running on four limbs or more ... In order to be considered a true facultative biped, an animal must be capable of sustained movement over many strides while bipedal – simply adopting a static bipedal posture while resting or looking around ...
Myrmecophyte - Mutualism - Facultative Mutualism
... Facultative mutualism is a type of relationship where the survival of both parties (plant and ants, in this instance), is not dependent upon the ... Facultative mutualisms most often occur in plants that have extrafloral nectaries but no other specialized structures for the ants ... Facultative relationships can also develop between non-native plant and ant species, where co-evolution has not occurred ...
Definition - Facultative and Obligate Bipedalism
... Zoologists often label behaviors, including bipedalism, as "facultative" (i.e ... This article therefore avoids the terms "facultative" and "obligate", and focuses on the range of styles of locomotion normally used by various groups of ...
Evolutionary Capacitance - Facultative Sex
... Facultative sex that takes the form of selfing can act as an evolutionary capacitor in a primarily asexual population by creating homozygotes ... Facultative sex that takes the form of outcrossing can act as an evolutionary capacitor by breaking up allele combinations with phenotypic effects that normally cancel out ...
Lucilia Thatuna - Medical Importance - Myiasis
... thatuna is described as a facultative ectoparasite it is able to live as a sacrophage or initiate myiasis ... Myiasis caused by a facultative ectoparasite is semispecific (Stevens 2003) ... Semispecific is synonymous to facultative parasite ...

More definitions of "facultative":

  • (adj): Granting a privilege or permission or power to do or not do something.
    Example: "A facultative enactment"
  • (adj): Of or relating to the mental faculties.
  • (adj): Not compulsory.
    Example: "Facultative courses in the sciences"