Face Dancers

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Hunters Of Dune - Plot
... Supposedly under their complete control are their improved Face Dancers, creatures who can mimic other humans exactly and go undetected by all known means ... It is soon revealed that the Face Dancers have their own will and motives, as they kill the Tleilaxu Elder Burah and replace him with their own duplicate ... Unbeknownst to the Ixians or the Guild, Khrone and his Face Dancers have infiltrated Ix ...
Lost Tleilaxu - Hunters of Dune
... have at their disposal a subgroup of advanced Face Dancers who cannot be detected by even the Bene Gesserit ... The highest-level Face Dancer is Khrone, who is trusted to execute the most important tasks of the Elders ... the Lost Tleilaxu leadership has been infiltrated and overtaken by the Face Dancers believing it is no longer necessary to pretend to be inferior to the Elders, Face ...
Daniel And Marty - Sequels
... Their Face Dancer minion Khrone is executing a parallel plan to create their own Kwisatz Haderach, using a Paul Atreides ghola that will be conditioned by a ghola of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen ... that Daniel and Marty are not, in fact, Face Dancers they are actually incarnations of the thinking machines Omnius (Daniel) and Erasmus (Marty), introduced in the Legends of Dune prequel trilogy (2002 ... Face Dancer leader Khrone, previously acting as a minion of Omnius, reveals his own plot for Face Dancer domination of the universe ...
Sandworms Of Dune - Plot - The Ultimate Kwisatz Haderach
... mutinous Khrone declares that the universe now belongs to his Face Dancers, as both humans and machines have been crippled ... a fail-safe system had been built into the Face Dancers ... robot kills Khrone and his party — and then all enhanced Face Dancers across the universe — with the simple flip of a mental switch ...

Famous quotes containing the words dancers and/or face:

    Proclaiming what choices there are
    For the last dancers of their kind,

    For ill women and for all slaves
    Of death,
    James Dickey (b. 1923)

    Hidden by old age awhile
    In masker’s cloak and hood,
    Each hating what the other loved,
    Face to face we stood:
    “That I have met with such,” said he,
    “Bodes me little good.”
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)