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List Of The Power Of Five Characters - Antagonists - Fabian
... Fabian is a secondary antagonist in Evil Star ... After Captain Rodriguez is crushed (see Captain Rodriguez), it is revealed that Fabian survived ...
List Of Empire Ships (F) - Suffix Beginning With F - Empire Fabian
... Empire Fabian was an Empire F type coaster which was built by Henry Scarr Ltd, Hessle, Yorkshire ... Launched on 9 July 1944 as Empire Fabian and completed in July 1944 ...
Live 2002 (Lara Fabian Album)
... Live is the title of both a CD and DVD released by Belgian pop singer Lara Fabian in 2002 ... This is Fabian's first live DVD, second live album and seventh album in total ... The concert features many of Fabian's hits and songs from her recent studio album, Nue ...
Suicide Vampire - Track Listing
... "Lilith Mater Inferorum" Alexander Alexander, Fabian Varesi 345 3 ... "La Danse Macabre du Vampire" Alexander Alexander, Fabian Varesi 339 4 ... "Queen of the Damned" Alexander Alexander, Fabian Varesi 419 5 ...
Fabian - Other Uses
... Hurricane Fabian, a hurricane which affected Bermuda in 2003 Fabian Society, a socialist society in the UK Fabian strategy of Fabius Maximus, part of military theory ...

Famous quotes containing the word fabian:

    I just want to be somebody!
    Jo Eisinger, and Jules Dassin. Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark)

    All my life I’ve been running, from welfare officers, thugs, my father. See, there they are [the killers]. There on the bridge. I’m a dead man. Nosseros told me that. He told me. He said, “You got it all, but you’re a dead man, Harry Fabian.”
    Jo Eisinger, and Jules Dassin. Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark)

    Oh, Anna, the things I did! The things I did.... Oh, the things I did!
    Jo Eisinger, and Jules Dassin. Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark)