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X86 Extended Precision Format
... This 80-bit format uses one bit for the sign of the significand, 15 bits for the exponent field (i.e ... The exponent field is biased by 16383, meaning that 16383 has to be subtracted from the value in the exponent field to compute the actual power of 2 ... An exponent field value of 32767 (all fifteen bits 1) is reserved so as to enable the representation of special states such as infinity and Not a Number ...
IEEE 754-1985 - Range and Precision - Single Precision
... to zero (represented by the denormalized value with all 0s in the exponent field and the binary value 1 in the fraction field) are ±2−149 ≈ ±1.4012985×10−45 ...
Fast Inverse Square Root - Overview of The Code - Aliasing From Floating Point To Integer and Back
... to have a leading "one" bit, thus 1.01×2−3 which is to say an exponent of -3 and a mantissa of 1.01 ... The next 8 bits form the exponent, which is biased in order to result in a range of values from −128 to 127 (if interpreted as an eight-bit two's complement number) so that the required ... So, for the example, The value of the exponent determines whether the significand (referred to as the mantissa by Lomont 2003 and McEniry 2007) represents a fraction or an ...

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