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Foreign Relations Of Japan - Europe
... headed by Hasekura Tsunenaga and sponsored by Date Masamune, was also a diplomatic mission to the Vatican ... economic nexus remained by far the most important element of Japanese – West European relations throughout the decade ... Events in West European relations, as well as political, economic, or even military matters, were topics of concern to most Japanese commentators because of the immediate implications for ...
Foreign Relations Of Australia - Europe
... Country Formal Relations Began Notes Albania Albania have a consulate in Adelaide and Australia's embassy in Greece is accredited to Albania Albania's foreign minister ... Austria See Foreign relations of Austria#Bilateral relationships Belgium Both countries have a growing bilateral commercial relationship, going back to World War One when they entered after Belgium was ... are a number of bilateral agreements between the two countries Trade and investment relations are very significant ...
Foreign Relations Of Nauru - Bilateral Relations - Other Countries
... Nauru has diplomatic relations with most states in Oceania ... Nauru has diplomatic relations with the European Union, most of its member states and a few other states in Europe, including the Holy See (Vatican City) ... Nauru has established diplomatic relations also with Chile, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Maldives, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore and the ...
Foreign Relations Of Barbados - Bilateral Relations
... Country Formal Relations Began Notes Antigua and Barbuda 1981-Nov-1 See also Barbados and CARICOM Argentina 1968-Aug-16 Argentina is represented in Barbados through its ... Argentine Ministry of Foreign Relation list of bilateral treaties with Barbados (in Spanish only) Australia 1974-Jan-07 See Australia–Barbados relations The Australian High Commissioner to ... Barbados and Australia established diplomatic relations on 7 January 1974 ...

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    Divorce. A resumption of diplomatic relations and rectification of boundaries.
    Ambrose Bierce (1842–1914)

    Subject the material world to the higher ends by understanding it in all its relations to daily life and action.
    Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)

    The puritanical potentialities of science have never been forecast. If it evolves a body of organized rites, and is established as a religion, hierarchically organized, things more than anything else will be done in the name of “decency.” The coarse fumes of tobacco and liquors, the consequent tainting of the breath and staining of white fingers and teeth, which is so offensive to many women, will be the first things attended to.
    Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)

    An alliance is like a chain. It is not made stronger by adding weak links to it. A great power like the United States gains no advantage and it loses prestige by offering, indeed peddling, its alliances to all and sundry. An alliance should be hard diplomatic currency, valuable and hard to get, and not inflationary paper from the mimeograph machine in the State Department.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)