Emissary may refer to:

  • Ambassador
  • Apostle (disambiguation)
  • Diplomat
  • The Subspace Emissary, the single-player Adventure Mode in the video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Emissaries (album), an album by black metal group Melechesh
  • Emissary (comics), an Image comic by Jim Valentino
  • Emissary (hydraulics), channel by which an outlet is formed to carry off any stagnant body of water
  • Emissary veins, valveless veins which normally drain the intracranial venous sinuses to veins on the outside of the skull
  • Emissary (Internet Software), an early Internet Suite
  • The Emissary (TV series), 1982 Hong Kong TV series

In Star Trek:

  • Benjamin Sisko, called the Emissary by the Bajorans
  • "Emissary" (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • "The Emissary" (Star Trek: The Next Generation), a second-season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Other articles related to "emissary":

A Small Talent For War - Plot
... An emissary (John Glover) from an alien race arrives to claim to have genetically engineered Humanity ... hurriedly establishes an accord for lasting global peace and presents it to the emissary ... However, the emissary was, in fact, seeking a greater talent for war, as the aliens routinely breed warriors to fight for them across the galaxy ...
Emissary Veins
... The emissary veins are valveless veins which normally drain from the dural venous sinuses into veins that lie outside the skull (external veins) ... One important emissary vein communicates from outside the skull through the sphenoidal emissary foramen inferior to the zygomatic arch with the cavernous sinus on the inside of the skull ... Also, rupturing the emissary veins will result in a subdural hematoma which will compress the brain ...
Sphenoidal Emissary Foramen - Morphology and Morphometry - Asymmetry
... Though the sphenoidal emissary foramen is small and variable, it is consistently symmetrical ... angiofibroma, carotid-cavernous fistula with drainage through the emissary veins, and neurofibromatosis ... Thus, for the usually symmetric sphenoidal emissary foramina, asymmetry is more likely the result of a pathologic process than a normal variant ...
George Washington In The French And Indian War - Emissary
... Governor Dinwiddie chose Major Washington, then 21 years old, for the trek into the Ohio Country to assess the French military situation, and to deliver the British demands ... He was a good choice despite his youth because he was familiar with the frontier from survey work, had good health, and both government and Ohio Company leaders trusted Washington ...
Hyderabad Tribunal - Trial
... Indira Gandhi through a certain emissary, Wali Khan sarcastically filed a civil suit against the emissary for the recovery of the Rs 20 million ... he had never received the money, and obviously the emissary had embezzled the money ...