Elementary Forms

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Collective Effervescence - In Religion
... Durkheim's theory of religion as laid out in his 1912 volume Elementary Forms of Religious Life ... associated with the totem which is the symbol of the clan, mentioned by Durkheim in his study of "elementary forms" of religion in Aboriginal societies ... This explanation is detailed in Elementary Forms "Book 2/The Elementary Beliefs", chapter 7, "Origins of These Beliefs Origin of the Idea of the Totemic Principle or Mana" ...
Sociology Of Religion - The View of Religion in Classical Sociology - Émile Durkheim
... In the fieldwork that led to his famous Elementary Forms of Religious Life, Durkheim, a secular Frenchman, looked at anthropological data of Indigenous Australians ... His underlying interest was to understand the basic forms of religious life for all societies ... In Elementary Forms, Durkheim argues that the totems the Aborigines venerate are actually expressions of their own conceptions of society itself ...

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    We find the most terrible form of atheism, not in the militant and passionate struggle against the idea of God himself, but in the practical atheism of everyday living, in indifference and torpor. We often encounter these forms of atheism among those who are formally Christians.
    Nicolai A. Berdyaev (1874–1948)

    As if paralyzed by the national fear of ideas, the democratic distrust of whatever strikes beneath the prevailing platitudes, it evades all resolute and honest dealing with what, after all, must be every healthy literature’s elementary materials.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)