Electric Dipole Moment

In physics, the electric dipole moment is a measure of the separation of positive and negative electrical charges in a system of charges, that is, a measure of the charge system's overall polarity. The SI units are Coulomb-meter (C m). This article is limited to static phenomena, and does not describe time-dependent or dynamic polarization.

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Neutron Electric Dipole Moment - Theory
... A permanent electric dipole moment of a fundamental particle violates both parity (P) and time reversal symmetry (T) ... by examining the neutron with its magnetic dipole moment and hypothetical electric dipole moment ... Under time reversal, the magnetic dipole moment changes its direction, whereas the electric dipole moment stays unchanged ...
T-symmetry - Microscopic Phenomena: Time Reversal Invariance - Electric Dipole Moments
... This has an interesting consequence on the electric dipole moment (EDM) of any particle ... of a state when it is put in an external electric field Δe = d·E + E·δ·E, where d is called the EDM and δ, the induced dipole moment ... Experimentally observed bounds on the electric dipole moment of the nucleon currently set stringent limits on the violation of time reversal symmetry in the strong interactions, and their ...
Electric Dipole Moment - Dipole Moments of Molecules
... Dipole moments in molecules are responsible for the behavior of a substance in the presence of external electric fields ... The dipoles tend to be aligned to the external field which can be constant or time-dependent ... Dipole moments can be found in common molecules such as water and also in biomolecules such as proteins ...
Anomalous Electric Dipole Moment
... In particle physics, the anomalous electric dipole moment, or the electric dipole moment of a particle in short, is the electric dipole moment of a particle ... symmetry, the CP symmetry, which if exact and unbroken will predict an exactly zero electric dipole moment for particles ... Experiments have been performed to measure the electric dipole moment of various particles like the electron and the neutron ...

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