Eggman or Egg Man may refer to:

  • "Egg Man", a song by the Beastie Boys
  • Doctor Ivo Robotnik, also known by the alias Doctor Eggman, a fictional character in Sonic the Hedgehog media
  • Eggman, a moniker used by Sice Rowbottom, formerly of The Boo Radleys
  • Eggman, a character mentioned in The Beatles' 1967 song I Am the Walrus
  • The Egg Man, a fictional character in the John Waters film Pink Flamingos
  • EggMan a White Reggae Disc Jockey (Byron Eggers) on south Florida Radio
  • Susan Eggman, California state assemblymember-elect.

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Sonic Riders - Plot - Babylon
... Eggman knows that Jet has the key to Babylon Garden, and tells him that he needs the Chaos Emeralds to make Babylon Garden rise ... Following Storm's loss to Knuckles, Jet orders him to infiltrate Eggman's factory, and he returns with Eggman's electronic diary, which speaks of a legendary treasure that was made by the Babylonians, which let a ... in this, Jet defeats Sonic in the final race (due to Wave's bomb), follows Eggman to Babylon Garden after he steals the cube ...
List Of Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Book Characters - Villains - Autonomus Digital Assault Microbe
... Eggman ... pretends to work for Eggman while acting as a being known as "Anonymous", who manipulates Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus, and various other events ... is eventually revealed, and even though Eggman destroys A.D.A.M ...
Sonic Rivals - Plot
... The game begins Eggman turning Tails, Amy Rose, Rouge, and the Master Emerald into cards with his new device ... Emerald, tells Sonic that teamwork is out of the question and that he needs to get to Eggman first ... Meanwhile, Shadow receives a distress signal from Eggman ...
Sonic Advance 3 - Characters - Gemerl
... Eggman's henchman, until he betrays him in the final battle ... has the ability to "merge" with other machines, such as Eggman's boss vehicles ... The reason may be that Eggman did not posess all of Emerl's data, and he mainly designed him to merge with his vehicles ...