Ebro Foods

Ebro Foods, S.A. (/ˈiːbroʊ fuːdz/, ), formerly Ebro Puleva, is the leading company in the Spanish food processing sector. Ebro Foods is the world's largest traders/miller of rice and the second biggest producer of pasta (its Panzani brand is the market leader in France). The company's head office is in Madrid.

Ebro was previously also the largest manufacturer of value-added dairy products in Spain, although in March 2010 it sold this business unit to Lactalis for €630 million; and it was Spain's largest sugar producer prior to the divestment of that division to the British Sugar subsidiary of Associated British Foods in 2009. Ebro Foods operates in 23 countries worldwide.

Ebro Foods owns two companies in North America. One is Riviana Foods, based in Houston, Texas, producer of rice products including Mahatma, Success, Minute Rice, Water Maid and several private labels. The other subsidiary is New World Pasta, producer of Ronzoni, San Giorgio and other products.

The company also owns the Puleva Biotech subsidiary, which engages in the research and development of new functional food products; and has a biofuel production joint venture with Abengoa.

The company's shares are listed on the Bolsa de Madrid and form part of the blue-chip IBEX 35 index as of January 2010.

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