Dynamite Düx - Bean The Dynamite

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Bean the Dynamite was created by AM2 for Sonic the Fighters, a Sonic The Hedgehog fighting game, released initially for arcades in 1995 (it was given a limited US release as Sonic Championship) and finally ported to home console in 2005 as part of Sega's Sonic Gems Collection compilation; Bean is based solely on the characters Bin and Pin from Dynamite Düx (though he wears a neckerchief instead of a bow-tie and Sonic's shoes instead of regular sneakers).

Bean also appeared in Sega AM2's Sega Saturn fighting game Fighters Megamix as a bonus unlockable character (along with Bark The Polarbear.) He is unlocked by completing the fourth arcade mode 'Muscle' and fought against in the final arcade mode 'Bonus'.

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