Dual Polarization

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History Of Radar - Post-war Radar - Weather Radar
... The NSSL, created in 1964, began experimentation on dual polarization signals and on Doppler effect uses ... After 2000, research on dual polarization technology has moved into operational use, increasing the amount of information available on precipitation type (e.g ... "Dual polarization" means that microwave radiation which is polarized both horizontally and vertically (with respect to the ground) is emitted ...
Allen Telescope Array - Status
... a four-input correlator (four antennas, dual polarization) and then updated in January 2007 with two eight-input (16 antennas, dual polarization) ... correlator in June 2007 and utilized as eight individual correlators with eight dual-polarization inputs each ...
Weather Radars - Data Types - Polarization
... If two pulses are sent simultaneously with orthogonal polarization (vertical and horizontal, ZV and ZH respectively), two independent sets of data will ... more information about particle shape, dual-polarization radars can more easily distinguish airborne debris from precipitation, making it easier to ... NOAA established a test deployment for dual-polametric radar at NSSL and equipped all its 10 cm NEXRAD radars with dual-polarization, which was completed in April 2013 ...

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