DSL Rings

DSL Rings (DSLR) is a telecommunications technology developed by Canadian startup Genesis Technical Systems, based in Calgary. The DSL technology re-uses existing copper telephone network cabling to provide bandwidth of up to 400 Mbit/s. The technology also includes quality of service (QoS) and efficient multicast.

Genesis reported that two unnamed European telecom providers began testing the technology in July 2010.

Telecoms New Dawn - Genesis Technical Systems launches DSL Rings® at Broadband World Forum 2012 | #EAV (e)LOCRIS http://www.prlog.org/11998381-telecoms-new-dawn-genesis-technical-systems-launches-dsl-rings-at-broadband-world-forum-2012.html

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... DSL Rings (DSLR) or Bonded DSL Rings is a ring topology that uses DSL technology over existing copper telephone wires to provide data rates of up to 400 Mbit/s ...
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... DSL Rings technology combines the capabilities of VDSL2, DSL Bonding (using G.Bond), Resilient Packet Rings (RPR) technologies and add-drop multiplexers ... In this way, a single CN design can efficiently manage 2-16 houses in a given ring ... Genesis suggests a maximum of 16 houses in the ring due to the delay introduced by transiting each node to get back to the CO however RPR has an upper limit of ...

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