Dom Pedro

Dom Pedro (Lord Peter) is the traditional Portuguese appellation of several kings of Portugal:

  • Peter I of Portugal
  • Peter II of Portugal
  • Peter III of Portugal
  • Pedro IV of Portugal
  • Pedro V of Portugal

and of the two 19th century Emperors of Brazil:

  • Pedro I of Brazil
  • Pedro II of Brazil

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Pedro De Sousa Holstein, 1st Duke Of Palmela - Liberal Wars
... When Dom Miguel seized the throne of Portugal in 1828 Palmela sided with the opposition in Oporto and with them was forced to flee to England ... Miguel condemned him to death in absentia and seized his estates, but Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brazil, appointed Palmela guardian to his daughter, the rightful Queen Maria ... When Dom Pedro took charge of the regency in person in 1832 he named Palmela as his foreign minister, in which capacity he acted against Miguel from London ...
Battle Of Asseiceira
... of the Portuguese Civil War, or "War of the Two Brothers", between Dom Pedro, ex-Emperor of Brazil (fighting to restore his daughter Dona Maria da Glória as rightful Queen of Portugal) and the usurper ... Dom Miguel's rebel forces were defeated ... under the command of General Guedes, had been retreating eastward before the advance of Dom Pedro's forces, and had camped in a strong position on the Heights of Asseiceira, a system of hills and valleys ...
Passage Of The Tonelero - The Battle
... There were eight Brazilian warships four steam corvettes, Dom Pedro, Dom Pedro II, Dom Pedro and Recife, that towed two sailing corvettes, Dona ... On board Grenfell's flagship, Dom Afonso, were Brigadier General Marques de Sousa and the Argentines Colonel Wenceslao Paunero, Lieutenant-Colonel ...
American Brazilian - Original Confederados
... At the end of the American Civil War, the Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil was interested in having cotton crops due to the high prices and, through ... Dom Pedro offered the potential immigrants subsidies and tax breaks ... Dom Pedro's program was judged a success for both the immigrants and the Brazilian government ...