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Creature Design

Body: (ball style design) The petz are modelled as a set of balls joined by lines with variable parameters. The concept for this was developed in an early PF Magic title, the fighting game Ballz for Sega Genesis. This model was scrapped in the 2006 games Dogz and Catz for the PC for a more "realistic" look.

Colors: There are 10 default fur colors that occur naturally in the game. Eye color is not restricted to the 10 default fur colors. In "hexed" breedz/petz the range of colors can be much greater, although all colors must be within the 256-bit selection. Any coat colors other than the default 10 can not be inherited properly and will mutate to inheritable colors in offspring, usually white.

Textures: Textures cover the ballz, imitating fur and stripes.

Paintballz: Some Breedz have splotches of color or texture on their bodies called Paintballz. The spots on the Alley Cat, Calico, and Dalmatian are examples of this.

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