Doctor Mindbender

Doctor Mindbender

Dr. Mindbender is a fictional character from the 1980s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comics, and animated series. He is a scientist who works for the fictional terrorist organization Cobra.

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Doctor Mindbender - Popular Culture
... Doctor Mindbender appears in the Robot Chicken episode "Joint Point" voiced by Seth Green ... the Terror Drome in the style of The Office, Doctor Mindbender explains how he runs a class to train the Cobra Organization's new recruits ...
Destro - Cartoon - Renegades
... alias) has McCullen collaborate with Doctor Mindbender in order to have the Bio-Viper combine with the Exo-Armor ... McCullen wasn't pleased with working with Doctor Mindbender and even disguised himself in order to leak info of this to G.I ... However, Mindbender reveals McCullen's leaking info to the Joes while revealing his own Mecha-Vipers ...
Cobra-La Biotechnology
... Doctor Mindbender was programmed with one containing all necessary information, the idea and the will to create Serpentor after Cobra Commander was proven to be repeatedly incompetent and had failed one time too many ... Joe The Movie where Golobulus stated to Doctor Mindbender that his Psychic Motivator was behind Doctor Mindbender's reoccurring dream that involved the ...
Viper (G.I. Joe) - Cartoons - G.I. Joe: Renegades
... actually human soldiers The Bio Vipers are artificial creatures created by Doctor Mindbender from a blue liquid developed from experimented plants ... However, Mindbender later upgrades his creations with Bio-Dampening chips, which made them smarter, but left them vulnerable to head shots ... Commander seeing the potential of achieving immortality through it, upon being experimented on by Doctor Mindbender ...
Serpentor - Cartoon - Sunbow
... was designed to be a new, superior leader of Cobra created by Doctor Mindbender through a breakthrough in cloning research ... During Doctor Mindbender's second attempt, Cobra Commander is betrayed by Scrap-Iron (who told Doctor Mindbender what had happened) ... It comes from Cobra Commander, who convinced Mindbender to free him, because he knew how to use a weapon ...

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