Deflection Yoke

Some articles on deflection, deflection yoke:

Raster Scan - Description - Scanning Pattern
... adjustments, which impose a small vertical deflection as the beam sweeps across the screen ... When properly adjusted, this deflection exactly cancels the downward slope of the scanlines ... in turn, slants smoothly downward as the tilt deflection is removed there's no jump at either end of the retrace ...
Sawtooth Wave - Applications
... The sawtooth wave is the form of the vertical and horizontal deflection signals used to generate a raster on CRT-based television or monitor screens ... use a sawtooth wave for their horizontal deflection, though they typically use electrostatic deflection ... On the wave's "ramp", the magnetic field produced by the deflection yoke drags the electron beam across the face of the CRT, creating a scan line ...

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