Deep Convection

Some articles on convection, deep convection:

Tropical Storm Barry (2007) - Meteorological History
... over the Yucatán Peninsula produced a small area of convection over the Yucatán Channel ... Convection increased in association with the trough, and the next day a broad envelop of cyclonic turning developed within the system ... the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, with the greatest area of convection near Cuba ...
Typhoon Jangmi (2008) - Meteorological History
... with a round 28 nautical miles (52 km 32 mi) eye with an intense and symmetric core of deep convection and excellent convective banding over all quadrants ... by the mountainous terrain of Taiwan after landfall therefore, it lost the majority of deep convection ... Despite lacking significant deep convection, the storm still had good radial outflow, especially the poleward outflow tapped into strong mid-latitude westerlies ...
Cyclone Hettie (2009) - Storms - Tropical Depression 09F
... Center was exposed as strong vertical wind shear and deep convection was displaced to the north of Low Level Circulation Center ... The next morning the JTWC reported that deep convection, was located over the western boundary, of the depression's low level circulation center ... shear also still existed over the system, with deep convection still being displaced to the north of the system ...
Tropical Storm Linfa (2009) - Meteorological History
... On June 10, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) began monitoring a persistent area of convection situated about 140 kilometres (85 mi) southeast of Palau ... Satellite imagery depicted an elongated low-level circulation with deep convection centered along the southwestern portion of the system ... Deep convection consolidated around the center of circulation and convective banding features developed along the periphery of the system ...
Cyclone Arthur (2007) - Meteorological History
... a large banding feature in the northern portion of the circulation and deep convection formed around the center of circulation ... Deep convection developed around the center with strong outflow towards the north ... strong shear left the center of circulation partially exposed, with deep convection persisting in only the southeastern quadrant ...

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