Data Loss

Data loss is an error condition in information systems in which information is destroyed by failures or neglect in storage, transmission, or processing. Information systems implement backup and disaster recovery equipment and processes to prevent data loss or restore lost data.

Data loss is distinguished from data unavailability, such as may arise from a network outage. Although the two have substantially similar effects, data unavailability is temporary, while data loss may be permanent. Data loss is also distinct from data spill, although the term data loss has been sometimes used in those incidents. Data loss incidents can, however, be also data spill incidents, in case media containing sensitive information is lost and subsequently acquired by another party. However, data spills are possible without the data being lost in the originating side.

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NILFS - Description
... technique known as "nothing in life is free", NILFS records all data in a continuous log-like format that is only appended to, never overwritten, an approach that is designed to reduce seek times ... For example, data loss occurs on ext3 file systems when the system crashes during a write operation ... that the write did not complete, and any partial data writes are lost ...
Steps To Be Taken After Data Loss
... Proper steps must always be taken in case of a data loss incident in order to preserve the recoverability of any lost data ... "files required for booting" - those files may occupy and overwrite the area of the lost data and render it partially or completely unrecoverable ... course of action would be that right upon realizing data loss, the computer must be safely shut down and the drive in question should be removed from the ...
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... In 2008 the bank was involved in the loss of unencrypted backup tapes which included the "names, birthdays, Social Security numbers and other information" of BNY Mellon and People's United Bank customers. 27, supposedly en route to Archive America, a data storage firm ...
Ext4 - Delayed Allocation and Potential Data Loss
... relying on with ext3, the feature poses some additional risk of data loss in cases where the system crashes or loses power before all of the data has been written ... on Unix systems fd=open("file", O_TRUNC) write(fd, data) close(fd) In this case, an existing file is truncated at the time of open (due to O_TRUNC flag), then ... However, because ext4 can delay allocating file data for a long time, this opportunity is much greater ...
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... The protocols that avoid congestive collapse are often based on the idea that data loss on the Internet is caused by congestion ... a radio layer to have poor throughput in some cases since wireless networks are susceptible to data loss due to interference ... The TCP connections running over a radio based physical layer see the data loss and tend to believe that congestion is occurring when it isn't and ...

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