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Atmosphere Of Jupiter - Discrete Features - Vortices - Great Red Spot
... The Great Red Spot (GRS) is a persistent anticyclonic storm, 22° south of Jupiter's equator Earth observations establish a minimum storm lifetime of, variously, 183 ... it, and possibly even earlier, as a "permanent spot" was described by Gian Domenico Cassini between 1665 and 1713 ... The actual spot has been continually described and observed since Carr Walter Pritchett did so in 1878 ...
Small Dark Spot
... The Small Dark Spot, sometimes also called Dark Spot 2 or The Wizard's Eye, was a southern cyclonic storm on the planet Neptune ...
Extraterrestrial Vortex - Neptune - Small Dark Spot
... The Wizard's Eye (sometimes called Great Dark Spot 2) is another cyclone on Neptune ... It is about one-third the diameter of the Great Dark Spot ...
Climate Of Uranus - Banded Structure, Winds and Clouds - Uranus Dark Spot
... The dark spots common on Neptune had never been observed on Uranus before 2006, when the first such feature was imaged ... from both Hubble Space Telescope and Keck Telescope revealed a small dark spot in the northern (winter) hemisphere of Uranus ... The feature called Uranus Dark Spot (UDS) moved in the prograde direction relative to the planet with an average speed of 43.1 ± 0.1 m/s, which is almost 20 m/s faster than the speed of clouds at the ...
Exploration Of Neptune - Voyager 2
... made, including the discovery of the Great Dark Spot and Triton's geysers ... Voyager 2 discovered an anticyclone called the Great Dark Spot, similar to Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Little Red Spot ... images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope revealed that the Great Dark Spot had disappeared ...

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