Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix - Home Version

Home Version

The home version of Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix was released in Japan on June 1, 2000, for the Sony PlayStation video game console. It contained 60 songs, 25 of which were hidden and unlockable, including most of the new songs from 3rdMix and several selections from 2ndMix and other new songs that would later appear in 3rdMix Plus, including two preview bonus songs from 4thMix "Bumble Bee" and "Gimme Gimme Gimme", which in this version can only be played in Basic difficulty. It does not contain any Korean pop songs.

The home version has the ability to Disc Change to 1st, 2ndReMix and Append Club Version. It also allows to unlock features in previous mixes such as the Nonstop Ranking. The interface is still the same as the one used in 3rdMix but the background effects are disabled, except Append Club Version are retain in 2nd Mix interface.

"Xanadu", "Follow the Sun (90 in the Shade Mix)", and "It Only Takes a Minute (Extended Mix)" did not appear on the 3rdMix home versions. These songs are featured in the Home Version of Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix.

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