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Home Versions

Dance Dance Revolution 2ndReMix, the home version of 2ndMix, was released in Japan on August 26, 1999, for the Sony PlayStation. It includes 34 songs, seven of which are new to this version and are hidden and unlockable. Two of the hidden songs were previews of the next arcade version, Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix and can only be played on Basic difficulty.

The home version has the ability to Disc Change to 1st and Append Club Version. It also allows to unlock features in previous mixes such as the Nonstop Ranking from 3rd Mix. The interface is still the same as the one used in 2ndMix.

On February 17, 2000, Konami released a version of Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix for the Dreamcast console. It features 43 songs, seven of which are hidden and unlockable. The song list includes seven songs from Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix.

A few of the songs in 2ndMix were included in the North American version of Dance Dance Revolution for the PlayStation.

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