Daigo Umehara

Daigo Umehara (Japanese: 梅原 大吾, Hepburn: Umehara Daigo?, born 19 May 1981) is a Japanese arcade fighting video game player. He specializes in 2D arcade fighting games, mainly those released by Capcom. Known as "Daigo" or "The Beast" in the West and "Umehara" or "Ume" in Japan, Umehara is one of the world's most famous Street Fighter players and is often considered its greatest, as well. He currently holds a world record of "the most successful player in major tournaments of Street Fighter" in Guinness World Records.

Before properly being called a pro gamer from signing a sponsorship deal with Mad Catz, Japanese media usually referred to Umehara as "God of 2D fighting games" (2D格闘ゲームの神 "2D Kakutou Game no Kami").

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