CWS may refer to:

In environment:

  • Canadian Wildlife Service, also known as Environment Canada
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Queensland, Australia
  • County Wildlife Site, local reserve status

In baseball:

  • Chicago White Sox, Major League Baseball team
  • College World Series, college baseball tournament conducted by the NCAA
  • Caribbean World Series, yearly tournament between top winter teams from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela

In misc. technology and companies:

  • Calfrac Well Services, oilfield servicing company
  • Celebrity Worship Syndrome
  • Control Wheel Steering, special autopilot function in aeroplanes
  • CoolWebSearch, spyware
  • CWS T-1, the first serially built car manufactured in Poland


  • Church World Service, cooperative humanitarian ministry
  • Co-operative Group, large consumers' co-operative
  • Co-operative wholesale society

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Coal-water Slurry Fuel - Benefits
... The presence of water in CWS reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and makes the coal explosion-proof ... Because of the relatively low cost of coal when compared to other energy sources, CWS is a very competitive alternative to heating oil and gas ... on geographical area the price per unit energy of CWS may be 30% to 70% lower than the equivalent oil or gas ...
List Of College World Series Broadcasters - Basic Television Broadcaster Overview
1980-1981 - ESPN (selected games of the CWS) 1982-1987 - ESPN (entire CWS) 1988-1990 - CBS (championship game) ESPN (remainder of CWS) 1991-2002 - CBS (championship game plus one game on first Saturday) ESPN (remainder ...
Coal-water Slurry Fuel - History
... CWS produced by milling the sludge and/or regular coal near the coal mine near Belovo (Siberia, Russia) was transported through the pipeline to Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia), a ... pump-stations were installed for pumping CWS to Novosibirskaya TEC-5 in Novosibirsk ... The unique difference of project Belovo-Novosibirsk uses CWS directly for combustion in steam boilers at a rate of 1340 t per hour ...
... The CWS T-1 was the first serially-built car manufactured in Poland ... designed by Tadeusz TaƄski (hence T-1) of the Centralne Warsztaty Samochodowe (hence CWS), it was the only motor car that could be completely dismantled and again put together with one tool all its ... Between 1925 and 1932 approximately 500 CWS T-1 were manufactured in a variety of versions ...