Cursive Script

Cursive script may refer to

  • Cursive, handwriting styles
  • Roman cursive script, a style of Latin calligraphy.
  • Hebrew cursive script, a style of Hebrew calligraphy.
  • East Asian cursive script, a style of Chinese calligraphy.

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Chinese Script Styles - Cursive Script
... The cursive script (sometimes called "grass script", 草書) is a fully cursive script, with drastic simplifications requiring specialized knowledge even a person who can read the semi-cursive script cannot be ... Due to the drastic simplification and ligature involved, this script is not considered particularly legible to the average person, and thus has never achieved widespread use ... The cursive script is the source of Japanese hiragana, as well as many modern simplified forms in Simplified Chinese characters and Japanese shinjitai ...
Chinese Script Styles - Styles
... Japanese Korean Korean Vietnamese Seal script (Small seal) 篆書 篆书 Zhuànshū Tensho 전서 Jeonseo Triện thư Clerical script (Official script) 隸書 (Jpn 隷書) 隶书 Lìshū Reisho 예서 Yeseo L ... Japanese shinjitai, are occasionally used, especially since some simplified forms derive from cursive script shapes in the first place ... katakana were derived from the shapes of regular script characters and hiragana from those of cursive script ...
Medieval Greek - Script - Uncial and Cursive Script
... developed under the influence of the Latin script because of the need to write on papyrus with a reed pen ... In the Middle Ages, uncial became the main script for the Greek language ... A common feature of the medieval majuscule script like the uncial is an abundance of abbreviations (e.g ...

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