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List Of Ultimate X-Men Characters - X-Men - Original X-Men
... died of blood loss Magician Elliot Boggs Ultimate X-Men #69 Current whereabouts unknown ... Current whereabouts unknown ... Current whereabouts unknown ...
List Of Weapon X Members - Weapon X Staff
... Current whereabouts unknown ... Duncan - Current whereabouts unknown Carol Hines - In charge of monitoring and recording the Adamantium bonding process ... Current whereabouts unknown ...
Columbus Globe For State And Industry Leaders - Whereabouts
... It is known that Lavrentiy Beria did inspect the Chancellery after the fall of Berlin and it has been suggested that he may have taken a globe to his office in the KGB Headquarters at Lubyanka where it remains to this day ... However, neither the KGB nor its successor the FSB have ever commented on this ...
List Of Inhumans - Allies of Maximus
... Her current whereabouts are unknown ... His current whereabouts are unknown ... His current whereabouts are unknown ...
Shergar - Theft - Whereabouts
... The two thieves, inexperienced in handling racehorses and with no prior knowledge of humane euthanization techniques, went to the remote stable where Shergar was being held and opened fire with a machine gun ... A former IRA member involved described the scene to The Sunday Telegraph "Shergar was machine gunned to death ...

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    So that this beautiful realm of hers was held in her mind extended, or lengthened: it had been finite, bounded, known utterly and in every detail, self-enclosed ... but now it lapped and rippled out and upwards beyond there into hinterlands that were like unknown possibilities in her own mind.
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    I have come to believe ... that the stage may do more than teach, that much of our current moral instruction will not endure the test of being cast into a lifelike mold, and when presented in dramatic form will reveal itself as platitudinous and effete. That which may have sounded like righteous teaching when it was remote and wordy will be challenged afresh when it is obliged to simulate life itself.
    Jane Addams (1860–1935)